If you want open iso images in linux, you should mount that iso image in folder. To do this follow the below steps.

Login as root and open terminal, in linux prompt

# mkdir -p /mnt/disk 
# mount -o loop *.iso /mnt/disk

The first command will create folder named disk in inside the mnt folder and the second command will mount the iso image to the newly created folder.

For Example:

I have rhel5-x86.iso file with me, now i am going to mount this in my linux system.
1. I copied my iso file to my desktop (/home/user/Desktop)
2. Then I created one folder on my mnt folder (mkdir -p /mnt/disk)
3. Now my present working directory is /home/user/Desktop so I mount the iso file bu typing the following command. [root@linuxsrvr Desktop]# mount -o loop rhel5-5x86.iso /mnt/disk

Now my iso image is mounted to folder disk, I can read files from the iso image.


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